Sarah Silverman has offended minorities throughout her career. And now she reportedly kicked an elderly Black man from her New Jersey comedy show as he was protesting the infamous controversial skit that she performed more than 15 years ago in blackface.

Michael B. Jackson, the protester, claims he attended Sarah’s comedy gig on February 4 at the Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City while wearing blackface. He asserts that while a peaceful protest was his intention, it created a significant problem. According to Jackson, the comedian Rory Albanese chose to speak to him before Sarah’s opening act.

Jackson then asserts that despite saying he didn’t want to be a part of the routine and remaining silent, Rory insulted and bullied him, and asked security to kick him out of the show. He allegedly received a warning for heckling, according to a witness who attended the show.

At that point, a number of guards arrived and ordered Jackson to take a seat on the balcony. But he did not move and took a video with his phone of the exchange. The video apparently ends before things become physically violent.


According to Jackson, he was assaulted by several security staff who forced him from his seat, brought him to a back hallway, dropped him facedown on the ground, and handcuffed him. Jackson claims he was hospitalized after that incident.

A casino representative informed TMZ that Jackson only sought medical care for anxiety after leaving the show and returning to the lobby after going to his hotel room. Jackson “presented himself as offensive,” the casino claims, and they have the right to eject or transfer anyone from the premises at any time. The statement continued, “Ocean prides itself with both a diverse workplace and customer base.”

Jackson alleges that Sarah was responsible for everything. According to him, she ordered the security guards at the Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City to beat him up because he had worn blackface to protest her 2007 skit.

In an episode of “The Sarah Silverman Project,” Sarah donned blackface for a short period of time. Jackson claims that the skit is full of crude jokes that pass for racist remarks about African Americans.

Jackson thinks his eviction was “racially motivated” and that at the time he feared for his life and well-being. A representative for the casino reveals that when he denied leaving the building, officers had to escort him out, which is how he ended up with the trespassing ticket.

“Sarah Silverman feels it okay for her to wear back face, but no one else,” according to Jackson.

According to witnesses, Sarah clarified the incident when she entered the stage, explaining that Jackson was objecting to the skit from 2007 and assuring them that she would never act in such a way today. She claimed to have added that she would have apologized to Jackson for the skit if he had still been present. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get more updates.

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