Rihanna is set to perform at the 2023 Super Bowl at State Farm Stadium on February 12. There is a constant buzz about her show already as she is returning to the stage after quite a long time. And of course, performing in one of the biggest American sports events also results in a variety of wagers from fans.

All elements of Rihanna’s return, from her hair to her set list, are being talked about as this is a one-of-a-kind return. Rihanna has always been admired for her bold attitude and style, which allowed her to explore a wide of themes. Also, the popularity of the Super Bowl offers bettors a variety of options.

For various occasions, especially if it’s a comeback or a concert/performance, artists are renowned to dye their hair. Rihanna’s hair color is one fascinating bet and new hair color wouldn’t be out of the question given that Rihanna will also be performing brand-new music live.

Hair ColorOdds

Over the years, Rihanna has developed her signature look in the industry, which mainly focuses on black and striking, eye-catching hues and patterns. Along with her hair color, one can also bet on the color of her first outfit.

First Outfit ColorOdds
Silver or Gray+600
Purple or Pink+800

Rihanna’s concert with another artist is eagerly anticipated by her fans and the preferred artist is ASAP Rocky, Rihanna’s boyfriend. Fans are anticipating at least one song from the two artists and have been speculating for some time that the rapper will make an appearance. Other choices include Harry Styles, Drake, and Jay-Z.

A$AP Rocky+150
Harry Styles+400
Ed Sheeran+500
Shawn Mendes+500

In fact, some of them are quite sure that they may not see a Drake X Rihanna performance because ASAP Rocky may be joining her onstage. However, it will be interesting to know how and with whom the “Diamonds” singer finally appears on the stage. Until then, stay tuned to Thirsty For News for more updates.

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