Dr. Dre has been a pioneer in the music industry with his vision to uplift hip-hop. The Aftermath mogul received the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award at this year’s Grammy Awards. But Dee Barnes is certainly not happy with the honor.

Dee Barnes is one of many women who have previously accused Dr. Dre of abuse. While Dr. Dre received an award as part of The Recording Academy’s Black Music Collective, Barnes recalled her encounter with the legendary rapper back in 1991.

The music journalist was then in the peak form of her career and frequently conducted interviews with some of Rap’s most significant figures. She hosted the hip-hop program Pump It Up! at the age of 19.

Dre allegedly confronted Barnes about a show segment, according to Barnes. She described the incident in detail, saying, “He picked me up by my hair and my ear and smashed my face and body into the wall.”


“Next thing I know, I’m down on the ground, and he’s kicking me in the ribs and stomping on my fingers.”

Barnes recently appeared in an interview with Rolling Stone discussing the incident and witnessing Dre receive an award that bears his name. “Everybody wants to separate the art from the artist, and sometimes that’s just not possible,” said Barnes.

“Most people without a knowledge of [Dr. Dre’s] history are going to say, ‘Oh, he must deserve that. He must be such a great person for them to put an award in his name.’ But they named this award after an abuser. It wasn’t just a one or two-time thing; these are choices.”

Barnes understands that Dre might not be the same person she spoke to. “I don’t know. I’m not around him anymore. I haven’t talked to him. But to name an award after someone with that type of history in the music industry, you might as well call it the ‘Ike Turner Award,’” she said.

Watching the Grammys’ Hop Hip tribute made her upset as well. Barnes said that Dre and she are unable to share the same space.

“I was thinking, ‘I would’ve been there. I would’ve been there on the red carpet.” She believed she “would’ve been interviewing some of those artists.’ In fact, I’ve interviewed most of them before.”

Barnes also talked about the blacklisting she experienced as a result of telling the police about the incident. Barnes is also creating a documentary about her experiences in the industry. However, she has been avoided by a number of artists.

“The blacklisting I’ve faced still feels active, and it took me a long time to accept that. For the longest time, I was like, ‘That’s not what’s happening. It’s not that.’ 

But it’s definitely that. I see it. I’ve had plenty of people who will support me privately, but they don’t want it to be publicly known because of their business associations, dealings, or whatever.”

In collaboration with the Recording Academy’s Black Music Collective, the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award was created to “recognizes the contributors, creatives, and professionals with a proven track record of uplifting Black music.” Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to know if Dr. Dre responds to her remarks.

Smita Singha Roy

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