Lil Wayne is currently one of the top rappers in the hip-hop world and has produced numerous classic tracks. However, the rapper’s ex-chef sued him for wrongful termination last year. But now Lil Wayne has demanded the court to dismiss the lawsuit because he doesn’t owe her any money.

According to RadarOnline, the court documents state that Wayne and his legal team are disputing every accusation of wrongdoing in the lawsuit brought by his former chef Morghan Medlock. Medlock previously claimed in her lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, that she was fired because she had to take leave to care for her family.

After leaving a work trip early, Medlock claimed she was the target of retaliation. Prior to the disastrous trip to Vegas, the chef claimed she had nearly 2 years of experience working for Wayne.

However, she claimed that she came to know during her way to the trip that her 10-year-old needed hospitalization in Los Angeles after suffering a head injury. When it was time to depart, Wayne reportedly delayed the planned trips because he was smoking on the aircraft, according to Medlock.


According to the chef, she opted to leave the group and arrange her own travel back home. Before leaving, she claimed she told Wayne’s assistant. She claimed she was fired a few days later, though. She revealed Wayne sent her a message that read, “tell Chef Morghan this isn’t going to work.” The chef then asked for $500k in compensation.

Wayne responded by asserting that Medlock had not been harmed by his actions at all. He added that the chef was not his employee but rather an independent contractor. He also stated that any and all actions that the chef claimed to be a result of his conduct were in fact

“a just and proper exercise of discretion and business judgment, undertaken for a fair and honest reason and regulated by good faith under the circumstances then existing.”

Wayne continued, his steps were “legitimate, good faith, justified, non-discriminatory, and or non-retaliatory business reasons.” The musician insisted that Medlock not take anything from his suit. Keep an eye on Thirsty For News to get the latest updates regarding the ongoing case.

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