Armie Hammer is a personality who has become quite well-established due to his charisma in the industry. However, the rape charges have severely damaged his image in the eyes of his followers. Moreover, Armie Hammer’s rape victim recently called him “manipulative.”

After breaking his silence for the first time last week, the lady who has accused Armie Hammer of raping her has since called him “manipulative.” When she was 20 years old in 2017, Effie Angelova accused Hammer of “violently” raping her and assaulting her “mentally, emotionally, and sexually.”

Hammer told Air Mail that there was no criminal wrongdoing in his four-year connection with woman, despite reports that he has cannibalism fantasies. Angelova claimed the “Call Me By Your Name” star is now doing whatever it takes to “evoke sympathy” from the public in her Instagram Story on Monday.

After saying that Hammer “repeatedly slammed her head against a wall,” Angelova said that the actor’s alleged abusive actions “had affected not only me but my family.” The actor “was just worried that I was telling my family,” according to Hammer’s accuser. Angelova provided a number of screenshots of texts the actor is said to have sent her at the time to support her claims.


“This all sounds intense. I’m sorry you are going through all of this and I’m sorry your parents have gotten so involved. And I’m sorry your parents are so hurt seeing you hurt.”

“I am not really sure how to respond or move forward. Other than to say I’m sorry, I completely understand why you are upset and your parents are.”

Angelova then asserted that she had previously heard Hammer’s suicide narrative and suggested that Hammer had repeated it in an effort to “evoke sympathy” for himself. Angelova said the actor now “claims his ocean story happened after I spoke out publicly.”

“It made me so worried about him, he made me feel bad for telling him his abuse messed me up and it made me want to take care of him instead.”

“He disappeared for a couple days which only made me more worried about him.”

“It seems so manipulative because he knows his ocean story shut me up last time and evoked sympathy and it’s like now he’s trying it again.”

“I think on some level he feels guilty. I cried again today thinking about what you told me. I wish I could give you a hug and make it better.”

Hammer, who has insisted there was no wrongdoing on his part, claimed their relationship began after Effie messaged him on Facebook in October 2016 and said “this alleged rape was a scene that was her idea.”

“She planned all of the details out, all the way down to what Starbucks I would see her at, how I would follow her home, how her front door would be open and unlocked, and I would come in, and we would engage in what is called a ‘consensual non-consent scene,’ CNC.”

Hammer said further that the “scene” had only ever occurred once and that Effie had introduced him to the custom. When Effie publicly claimed that Hammer had grown “increasingly more violent” with her and that she worried he was “going to kill” her in March 2022, the charges against him first came to light.

Since then, Hammer has been the focus of an ongoing LAPD investigation. Hammer and his ex-Elizabeth Chambers have two children together: Harper and Ford. However, what’s your take on the allegation? For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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