Armie Hammer is largely in the discussion because of his ongoing sexual charges. However, this time he gained the spotlight over unpaid dues. Armie has paused his acting career and inadvertently his enormous potential paydays, now a credit card company is suing him for a large debt he allegedly owes.

According to TMZ, American Express is suing the disgraced actor, alleging that he owes roughly $67,000 in outstanding charges, cash advances, and balance transfers. It is unclear when he reportedly accumulated the balance, but AmEx alleged that he has had the account since 2011.

A source told the outlet, Hammer shared the account with his estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers, 40. The issue is expected to be settled when the couple finalizes their divorce. AmEx claimed they’ve sought payment in the past, but Armie failed to make the payment. Now, they’re dragging him to court over it.

Armie’s career began to take off in 2011 and around this time, he had just finished a tremendous performance in ‘The Social Network,’ and he had a role in ‘J. Edgar.’ Following that, his celebrity status exploded, only to plummet in 2021 amid charges of sexual misconduct.

The actor’s finances came into question when he was seen was making ends meet earlier this year working as a timeshare salesman in the Cayman Islands. An insider also told Variety that Hammer was bankrupt. We’ll have to see what Armie has in store for us next.

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