Ice-T is a true icon of the entertainment industry. He rose to fame as one of the pioneers of gangsta rap in the 1980s and has since established himself as a versatile performer, singer, and actor. He’s best known for his role as Odafin Tutuola on the long-running television drama “Law & Order: SVU.” His impact on both the music and acting worlds cannot be overstated and continues to influence artists across generations.

Given his icon status in the industry, it was only fitting that he take the stage during the Grammys during the hip-hop 50 tribute performance. However, that performance almost didn’t come to be.

Ice-T did an interview with ET before the event, stating that he hesitated to perform at the Grammys because of the long travel to L.A.

“Questlove calls me up and he says, ‘All right, you gotta come to L.A. this weekend… It’s a big performance, I got you in the lineup,’” he recalled. “And I was still hesitant ’cause it’s a long travel, But then he says, ‘You don’t want to be sitting at home watching this show, saying you should’ve been there.”


He continued to say that this was the only time that they got to get together and see each other. He also recalled how there was no representation of hip-hop at the Grammys.

“Real talk, unfortunately, that’s usually the only time we all get together and see each other,” Ice-T shared. “So the Grammys brought us together. I got one of the early GRAMMYs with Quincy Jones, you know, but I felt Quincy kinda snuck us in the backdoor.”

Ice-T then compared the experience to last year’s super bowl where Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, and Kendrick Lamar all took the stage to perform at the event.

“They got everybody, they got all the hoodlums in here. We don’t get invited to this type of party! The people that were raised by us are now the people making the decisions, and so what a difference a day makes. You see Dr. Dre doing the Super Bowl with 50 Cent, Eminem, all the outlaws. That means that the culture has really broadened to where the people in power are our children.”

The hip-hop 50 performance will be remembered as being one of the best performances in the history of the event. Stay tuned to Thirsty For News as we bring you similar stories.

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