Meek Mill is certainly one of the most established rappers in the modern hip-hop world. He recently appeared to target Lori Harvey and her new boyfriend Damson Idris in one of his tweets, which caused quite a commotion on Twitter. Meek Mill has now clarified whether he was trying to disparage Harvey.

The timing of Meek’s tweet couldn’t have been worse since Harvey and the Snowfall star had just made their romance official with a sequence of pictures posted on each of their Instagram stories. This gave some Twitter users the chance to bring out the fact that Meek addressed Harvey in his 2018 song “Going Bad.” Meek clarified his statement in an effort to put out the fire on Twitter.

They really got that pr sh-t on smash lol they confusing meeee …  it’s sad they got our people confused on high levels or these gotta be bots it’s no way people got that dumbed down.

The Philadelphia rapper clarified that Idris is his real-life friend and that he would never disrespect Harvey in a follow-up tweet. “Damson my real friend … the shade room posted and made it as I’m coming at him and his lady tf ….. these sites ruined many friendships and families …seeing all that negativity you become that! I stay away from people that live in those comments they be secretly miserable.”

Despite having to set the record straight with Harvey and Idris, Meek has much to be happy about after recently earning a pardon from the Pennsylvania governor. Meek uploaded the official document, which was signed by Governor Tom Wolf on Instagram. It listed his prior offenses and stated that he was no longer subject to state monitoring. You can check out the tweets below.

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