WWE’s landscape shifted in a big way over the past couple of weeks, and those changes might only just be starting. There are rumors that the company could sell to Saudi Arabia, and Stephanie McMahon’s exit from the company came at a very interesting time to spark a new rumor.

Vince McMahon used his position as majority shareholder of WWE stock to muscle his way back into WWE. A couple of days later, and Stephanie McMahon resigned as Vince McMahon took his seat as Chairman of WWE’s Board of Directors once again. Vince McMahon’s return to WWE was to usher in a sale and help with media rights talks, as Mr. McMahon heavily implied that he would reject any television deals as majority shareholder if he did not regain power.

It was then reported that WWE and Saudi Arabia are very close to landing a deal to buy the company. After reports broke that the two parties were nowhere near a deal, WWE’s stock price dropped as investors lost hope of cashing in with going private.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that there is a thought that Stephanie McMahon’s WWE exit could be tied to the possibility of Saudi Arabia buying the company.


Some have tried to tie in Stephanie’s resignation to the fact that women are considered second-class in Saudi Arabia.

WWE’s sale to Saudi Arabia was refuted by sources within the company. At this time, there are a few potential high-dollar potential buyers, Disney, Endeavor, Comcast, and even Tony Khan are all possibilities. If WWE sells the company to Saudi Arabia, that will be the only buyer who would likely take the company private and presumably keep Vince McMahon around.

2023 started out with WWE going one direction, but Vince McMahon had other plans. Since he is still the majority shareholder, Mr. McMahon was allowed to make these moves; because in reality, he could have taken over the day after his “retirement” if he wanted to.

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Aaron Varble

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