Every NBA fan closely monitors LeBron James, for he is one of the sport’s best. Given his stature as an elite athlete, he receives a ton of positive comments and validation. However, his recent interaction with Deshawn Watson has left his fans angry with him.

On Monday evening, basketball superstar LeBron James sent out a tweet expressing his support for Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. The tweet included a bit of support and psych push for Brown’s quarterback, which quickly went viral. Since then it has garnered hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets within a matter of hours.

The show of support from James came as a surprise to many fans, as the two athletes have never been known to be particularly close. However, James has a long history of using his platform to speak out on tough matters and this is a testament to this fact. He has lent his support to Watson at a time when the quarterback is facing intense criticism and scrutiny.

Deshawn Watson has been at the center of a controversy. In recent weeks several women have accused him of sexual misconduct and assault. Watson has denied the allegations, but the controversy has led to calls for his suspension or even his outright release from the Texans.

The show of support has made the fans think differently about how they usually view LeBron. James’ tweet was met with a mixed responses. Some fans thanked him for taking a stand while others criticized him for getting involved in the controversy.

Despite the backlash, James has remained silent. As the controversy surrounding Watson continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how the situation will ultimately be resolved.

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