LeBron James recently turned 38 years old. Everyone knows that the NBA icon is reaching the end of his career and he even spoke about retirement this week despite James still playing at a high level. Although a possible blockbuster trade is the talk of the sports world.

According to Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, a wild scenario is talked about in which the Lakers would have to straight-up trade LeBron James. If they can’t secure free agents like Kyrie Irving or Draymond Green, then LeBron will have little reason to want to stay.

“Let’s face it: LeBron James’s decision to extend his contract with the Lakers was a mistake. It was a mistake for James, who doesn’t need the guaranteed cash, pushing his deal through 2023–24 limited his leverage. It was also a mistake for L.A., which didn’t have the pieces to build a title contender around James and (this season, anyway) doesn’t have the flexibility to do anything with him.

“In an ideal world, the Lakers use the cap space created by Russell Westbrook’s exit next summer to sign Kyrie Irving or Draymond Green, flip a draft pick or two and vault back into contention next season. But if that doesn’t happen, can the Lakers really go into 2023 with James, Anthony Davis and whatever group of castoffs they can assemble around them? Would James want to? Dealing James would take some chutzpah, but if L.A. whiffs on big-ticket items next offseason, is there really a better choice?”

The Lakers have not given LeBron the roster he needs to compete for the NBA Championship. Although there have been calls for the Lakers to make a move, they don’t have the faculties to do that right now. If anything, they will have to wait until the offseason.

It seems impossible that LeBron would be traded. Even Wayne Gretzky was traded. At the end of the day, it’s just a business decision.

What do you think of the possibility of LeBron possibly being traded? Sound off in the comments!

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