Justin Bieber is a phenomenon who has won millions of hearts through his creations. However, Judge Judy was one of them who never appreciated JB in the past. It now seems like her perception is changed as she recently praised Justin’s growth.

Judge Judy may not have been a fan of Justin Bieber in the past, but she is now shouting his praises and expressing her happiness that Justin has turned his life around. Judy was asked about her former neighbor Justin Bieber in Beverly Hills.

According to TMZ, Judge Judy opened out about their turbulent history, which she attributes to him being immature and reckless. Judy claimed that although she hasn’t spoken to the pop star recently, she has seen him and believes he looks better than ever.

Judy said that she is quite glad to see the pop star succeeding. As fans may recall, JJ recently criticized the pop singer for his actions in the past, claiming that Justin had once been “scared to death” of her when she called him out following his DUI arrest in 2014.

 “There was a period of time before he grew up, when he was foolish and doing foolish things.”

But now that it has passed, she seems genuinely amazed by his maturity. There were inquiries as to Judy’s involvement in getting Justin on the straight and narrow, as she frequently does in her TV courtroom.

However, Judy has refused to take the credit, insisting that Justin made all the necessary changes on his own. What do you think about Judy’s decision to change her perspective on Justin Bieber? Let us in the comments. Keep checking Thirsty for more updates.

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