Judge Judy has ruled TV ratings since forever. The show still averages a staggering 9 million viewers a day — even in repeats. If you’re tired of watching re-runs (highly unlikely) we have good news for you!

Judy Sheindlin new court show, Judy Justicepremieres Monday, Nov. 1, on Amazon‘s free streaming service IMDb TV. Judy Justice” shoots in LA (Culver City) and features a new, bright set, a different color coat and new additions to the crew. Judith Sheindlin will have her own grad-daughter Sarah Rose on set as the law clerk for “Judy Justice.”

There’s no doubt that Sheindlin is moving into “Judy Justice” with a huge, built-in fan base, but with new faces assisting her in the courtroom. Joining her are stenographer Whitney Kumar and bailiff Kevin Rasco, a former probation officer who’s worked with Sheindlin for a number of years. Judith Shiendler told NY post;

“The truth is, I think that my story, which I started 26 years ago after spending 40 years in the family court, is still relevant.”

Sheindlin shared that she “instinctively knew” that her granddaughter Sarah, who will graduate from law school in the spring, would be right for “Judy Justice.”

“She’s a third-generation lawyer in our family. She’s smart and she’s got a little snark in her, which is perfect.”

In earlier interview with NY post from 4 years ago Sheindlin opened up about how she never contemplated retiring after leaving “Judge Judy behind. We’re very excited for “Justice Judy” and hope to see her on day-time TV for the many years t come.

Do watch our favorite bit from the show in the video below!

What is your favorite episode from Judge Judy? Let us know in the comments below!

Shifa Jahan

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