R. Kelly was known as the “King of R&B” before his music career came crashing down. The singer has, rightfully, been sentenced to prison. Despite being incarcerated, R. Kelly remains in the headlines.

Recently, rumors began spreading on social media that his supposed fiancée, Joycelyn Savage, had given birth to his child. Her father, Timothy Savage, has since disputed these allegations. He recently went live on Instagram to address the problem.

The little baby on the account is a pretty little baby. If I had a granddaughter, I would be the first to say I love this child, no matter what the situation is. These people are evil, cruel people. To take a horrible situation and try to make some profit off of it

Savage went on to state that the announcement was made by a false Instagram account purporting to be his daughter, which sparked the speculation. A new update also included audio recordings of the disgraced artist speaking from prison.

The 55-year-old also disputed that Savage gave birth to his child in an exclusive interview with Rick Party of The Natasha Simona Sequence show. He clarified everything in a phone conversation. When Party explicitly asked him if the rumors are true, the disgraced singer immediately declared them false.

I can’t name names, I can just say, Joycelyn is my fiancée, and I love her and she loves me, and we’re together. I can say that. She is not in my case or none of that. She’s not against me.

Hell nah! That’s what I’m sayin’. She didn’t have a child. I didn’t put out no damn album. If I did put out an album, it wouldn’t be called I Admit It. We gotta start using our common sense at some point.

All of this arises from Savage’s comments earlier this year. In a dramatic tell-all in August, she claimed to be pregnant with the 55-year-old’s child. old’s Although all other parties have refuted this, it should be emphasized that Savage has yet to comment. You can watch the videos below..

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