Kanye West’s career continues to flounder as the rapper faces extreme backlash for his anti-Semitic rants. Radio show host Howard Stern compared the rapper to Hitler earlier. Kanye is now firing back at Stern.

As you may already know, Howard Stern belongs to the Jeiwsh community and was deeply offended by Kanye’s anti-semitic remarks. Kanye did not appreciate Stern’s open criticism. Ye expressed his disagreements with Howard Stern while speaking to Lex Friedman on his podcast.

On the October 25th episode of the Lex Friedman Podcast ,the rapper accused Howard of being ‘jealous’ of him, among other things. Ye also admitted to Lex Friedman, who is also Jewish, that he’s “antagonizing” the “King of All Media” by taunting him on the podcast.

“What is the version of the apology short of kissing Howard Stern’s d**k? That’s the whole point, Howard Stern, nobody wants to kiss your dk so shut the fk up!”

“I used to be a fan of you; now you’re just doing clickbait like everybody else, now you’re just a sad old man Howard,” 

“Now, Howard Stern, this is the first time anyone’s said your name in years – your family doesn’t say your name unless they’re calling to get their bills paid.”

Previously, Howard Stern called Ye West a “douchebag,” Stern asserted that Kanye shouldn’t get a free pass just because he’s “mentally ill”, after Kanye refused to apologize for his anti-semitic views. As a result, Ye is losing his foothold in sports, fashion and music. He has been dumped by major business partners such as Adidas, Balenciaga, and Gap. Record companies like Def Jam have also cut their ties with West.

Basketball players Aaron Donald and Jaylen Brown have withdrawn from Donda Sports. Kanye West said during an interview with Piers Morgan that he is not sorry for his inflammatory remarks. His ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, also broke her silence on the matter and showed support for the Jewish community.

Check out the podcast below. We’ll have to see what will become of Kanye West in the coming months as the outrage continues to grow. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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