Dale Earnhardt Jr. is one of the most well-known NASCAR drivers ever. He is also a team owner, author, and analyst for NASCAR on NBC. Earnhardt Jr. now wants to start watching wrestling again.

Earnhardt Jr. enjoyed watching WWE Raw on Monday in Charlotte. He’s now looking for a particular kind of character to identify with. Dale recently discussed his interest on his Dirty Air podcast.

Earnhardt Jr. expressed his admiration for pro-wrestling legends Dusty Rhodes, Magnum TA, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. He also said that he wasn’t fond of The Rock at first but eventually fell in love with his electrifying charisma.

The wrestlers that I liked were Dusty Rhodes, Magnum TA, Stone Cold, I did like The Rock, but not at first. Guys that I like are kind of blue-collar, t-shirt, and jeans. For me, I’m still looking. That’s why I went. I have friends who go all the time and I said, ‘I want to get back into it. I need to find that Steve Austin, that Dusty Rhodes character that I want to connect to.’ That’s what I’m looking for, to find that one character that’s cool, the guy next door beer-drinking buddy that I want to hang out with. That’s what I’m looking for. Where is the beer-drinking guy pulling the motor out of the car in his garage? While some people may like the characters, Miz is hilarious, you gotta have those different characters. Trying to find something like, ‘that’s my neighbor, that’s the guy next door, the guy at the bar.’ Trying to find somebody who is that everyman type of persona is what I’m looking for. I’m sure that character is out there or is coming. Steve Austin doesn’t just happen out of nowhere. I’m gonna try to find that guy that I really connect to.

The wrestlers he spoke with backstage were all friendly, but one told him that the flip would switch as soon as he passed through the curtain. As they gave him a tour before the event and he sat behind the announcer’s table, he commended WWE for their generosity. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more such stories.

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