Katy Perry has a massive fan base and rightfully so. The pop star is known for her iconic concerts. However, concert goers were left concerned as her eye started to weirdly close by itself.

The American Idol Judge is undoubtedly a showstopper. The crowd experienced a weird moment on stage while Perry was performing at her Las Vegas residency on October 24th. The “Teenage Dream” singer suddenly struggled to get her right eyelid under control.

They eye began to twitch and suddenly closed by itself. The “Roar” hitmaker could not open her right eye which seemed to be shut closed for several seconds. The whole incident was captured by a fan and shared to TikTok.

In the TikTok, Katy can be seen wearing a wild leotard, striking a pose mid-performance. She briefly pauses as her right eye starts acting up. The video shows her strugling to keep the right eye open.


Eventually, the pop star managed to push it open with her index finger. The video has now gone viral. All sorts of wile theories have come up as fans try to understand the weird incident.

The comments under the TikTok video are hilarious. “The robot had a glitch,” one fan joked, while another jokingly said that Katy suffered a “mechanical failure.” Many fans have proposed a logical conclusion to the issue, saying that it is her eyelash glue getting stuck to her bottom eye lid. You can check out the video in question below.

What do you think of this weird incident? Is Katy Perry secretly a robot? Let us know in the comments below!

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