Katy Perry is well-known for her influence on the 2010s pop sound and style. The music sensation has massive reach within her audiences. Recently, Katy shared some details about her upcoming Las Vegas residency.

Perry joked that she needs to be careful not to become a “fat Elvis” in Las Vegas after launching her Play residency at the new Resorts World hotel in December. While appearing on the Smartless podcast, the 37-year-old singer said she has to be careful not to give into the indulgences on offer in Vegas just like the King of Rock and Roll did when he had a residency in the 1970s.

“It’s three weeks on and then sometimes six to nine weeks off. It’s really easy to become fat Elvis in between,”

The Teenage Dream hitmaker, on the other hand, is grateful for the balance she’s found between professional residency and her personal life. She claimed it allows her to spend more time with her fiancé Orlando Bloom and their two-year-old daughter Daisy. She explained on the podcast,

“I do it in three-week installments. It allows me the ability to drop my daughter off at pre-school, and then mommy goes to work and comes back home the next day.”

“It’s such a great routine. It’s something that pop stars love to do and check off the box. Also, I get to create an incredible crazy, crazy show that I can’t tour with because I couldn’t possibly move all these absurd props that are on the stage.”

Katy also opened up on her early decision to ditch her birth name when she embarked on her pop career. She explained, “It’s Katherine Hudson, people called me Katy Hudson. In the beginning, I decided not to do that.” She further elaborated, “My mother’s maiden name, Perry, [Kate Hudson and I are] best friends, we get along. That was actually the first thing we got along on.”

The California Gurls singer also discussed her musical shift as she explored a world outside of the gospel tunes she was raised on in a strict Christian environment. You can check her out speaking at length about the issues here. Stay tuned to Thirsty for further updates.

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