Soulja Boy is always obsessed with being “the first” to do everything. He has professed that he was the first rapper to go viral, the first rapper to create a game console, the first rapper to own a star, and a plethora of other things. NLE Choppa now seems to be the first rapper to get Soulja Boy to admit that he wasn’t the first rapper to do something.

Soulja took it personally when NLE Choppa asserted that he was the first rapper to leave an NBA team. The 19-year-old recently took the Grizzlies’ preseason opener against the New York Knicks to the floor. The group stayed behind him as he sang his debut hit song, “Shotta Flow,” until they entered the arena, which was packed with thousands of adoring spectators. Choppa, whose real name is Bryson Lashun Potts, thanked everyone on Twitter, feeling proud of his accomplishment.

First Artist To Walk A NBA Team Out and It Was The Home Team.

Soulja Boy couldn’t help but reply after seeing his tweet. “I been did that 3 years ago.” Soulja also added the YouTube link with his post. The rapper did a halftime performance for the Los Angeles Clippers in the video.


Choppa further replied saying, “Let’s see the proof [laughing emojis] stop the cap.” The “Crank That” rapper retorted, “[laughing emojis] half time. Walk out. Same thing lol,” continuing their pranks. In the end, he acknowledged that NLE was the first rapper to have walked out on a team. “First rapper to admit he wasn’t the first rapper. I respect it. Much love.” Check out the tweets and video below.

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