Cardi B was accused of plagiarism by Kevin Michael Brophy back in 2017. The man claimed that Cardi stole his back tattoo and caused him mental anguish. Kevin Michael Brophy filed a $5 million copyright infringement lawsuit against the Grammy-winning singer in federal court in Southern California. It appears, Cardi has managed to win her day at court.

TMZ reported that Cardi has won her 5-year-long legal battle over the cover art for one of her mixtapes. Cardi B was found not guilty on all counts by a federal jury in Santa Ana, California on Friday, and she came out of court smiling despite her lack of confidence.

As we previously reported, Brophy’s attorneys said, the 2016 piece of art caused him distress and interrupted his life. A. Barry Cappello, the attorney for Brophy, said that a back tattoo that has been shown in tattoo magazines was applied to the male model for the mixtape cover using photo-editing software. In the background of the photo, a tattooed man is seen with his head wedged between the rapper’s knees.

After her legal win, Cardi praised both her and the plaintiff’s legal teams, stating that both were “wonderful.” After a 4-day trial, the jury ruled Cardi’s album cover did not cast Brophy in a false light or constitute a misappropriation of his likeness. Brophy had been seeking $5 million from Cardi, but with the verdict he’s come up empty-handed.


Cardi B appears to be feeling as if a weight has been lifted off her shoulders. She also tweeted about her emotional victory and expressed gratitude. Cardi also shared that she was going to curse Brophy if she won, but now that she has, she says she doesn’t have the heart to, and instead wishes him the best. Meanwhile, you can check it all out below.

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