Beyonce fans are mad with Kelis who didn’t get mad at two foreigners for playing with her hair while she got upset over Beyonce allegedly using her music with her permission. Recently Kelis visited Singapore. During her stay there, she encountered a bizarre moment that she captured on video.

During the clip shared on Instagram, Kellis was seated at an outdoor table with a friend when two girls start to caress and feel her braids without permission. Although taken by surprise initially, Kelis rolls with it by playing with their hair in return. It seemed like Kelis is more amused about the awkward encounter rather than fired up.

However, Beyonce fans were having none of it. They called her out for not yelling at these women like she yelled at Beyonce when the latter used part of her song without proper consent. Kelis even called the move disrespectful and ignorant. The outburst got Beyonce to rework the sample in the end

Now, after this incident, many fans are saying that Kelis is all bark and no bite suggesting that this is objectively more objectionable. Some event as far as to say that she may have a problem with Beyonce specifically.

What’s your take on Kelis’ outburst against Beyonce? Let us know in the comments section.

Sunil Joseph

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