Megan Fox is widely celebrated as one of the most stunning stars in Hollywood by her fans. However, the actress’s recent photos shared on Instagram have sent fans into a bit of an uproar.

Fox recently took to Instagram to share a series of selfies, accompanied by the caption, “Pick me energy.” The photos in question have had fans drawing comparisons between Megan’s new look and Kim Kardashian.

One Instagram user left a comment questioning Megan, “Are you slowly morphing into a Kardashian[?],” while another made a similar observation, stating “When did her face join the Kardashian fillerface club.”

It isn’t surprising that Megan’s new look has garnered so many comments, considering that the appearance of celebrities is always vulnerable to public opinion. However, some commenters had a more positive take than others.

Holy man the haters nowadays. Meagan your gorgeous and there are too many out there nowadays that are given a voice that shouldn’t have one. Don’t listen o them. Do you

Another commenter praised Fox, stating “Meg girl you are stunning,” while yet another user chimed in saying, “Are u kidding, you’re gorgeous.” It seems that Megan is not going to stop being a controversial figure any time soon. Check out the post below!

What do you think of the Transformers star’s transformation? Let us know in the comments!

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Abhishek Kar

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