Logan Paul signed with the WWE earlier this year. He has featured in a couple of matches with the promotion. Logan Paul’s impressive performance in the ring has earned him the biggest match of his life at WWE Crown Jewel. Shawn Michaels also gave huge props to Logan Paul recently.

During a recent media call to promote Halloween Havoc, HBK said that training Logan Paul was really fun. Shawn said that Logan is a gifted child who jumps into things with all his might. He said that Logan needs to be taught some of the fundamentals that will help tie him together.

Logan was given a start date of five years in the future due to his fame, yet he is still in the first six months of training overall. If he is able to grasp some of the basics, it will enable him to learn how to put those other parts together at a higher level.

Working with him really was fun. He’s a bright kid. I didn’t know him, clearly, whatever. I’m a square. Obviously, I know of him. I saw what he did at Mania. Clearly you can see he’s committed. You can see what he did with the boxing.

When he jumps into something, he goes hard. I was curious to see what he put into it. I agreed to do it because I was curious. He’s a nice kid. Clearly, he’s bright. He does work very hard. So, he comes in at a certain spot that our young talent isn’t going to come in at. You have to put the cart before the horse. So, you maybe just train him for what he’s going to do for that one match.

I said to him yesterday that while we’re doing this, we have to go back to teach him some of those principles that will help link him together. Because of his popularity, they started him at 5 years down the road, but he’s still in the first six-month training-wide. If we can go back and teach him some of the fundamentals, that will help him learn at another level how to put those other pieces together. I found him to be, I don’t know, a very bright kid, nice guy, he has a great crew around him. Being the cool kid in class was nice yesterday.

Logan Paul shocked fans with his incredible athleticism during his SummerSlam match against The Miz. The Maverick got a lot of praise for his dedication to professional wrestling. It remains to be seen if Logan Paul continues to make more appearance following his match at Crown Jewel.

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