Often regarded as the greatest quarterback of all-time, Tom Brady has had a stellar career. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback has gone on to win the Super Bowl seven times and was even named Super Bowl MVP five times. Although he had a successful career, there has often been speculation regarding when he will retire from the sport. Tom Brady fans will be pleased to know that he has no plans to retire in the future.

As reported by TMZ, Tom Brady was recently asked during a press conference about hanging up his boots during media availability on Thursday. Tom Brady replied that he wasn’t about to quit on the Buccaneers, and finds it pretty comical to think otherwise. He laughed off the question, saying he has no plans to retire in the future.

“That’s really why I’m here. I’m here to announce finally … you guys pushed me to the brink.”

“I love the sport, and I love the teammatees. And I want to go do a great job for this team like I always have. No retirement in my future.”

Tom Brady’s comment should put any speculation regarding his retirement to rest for now. These speculations come amid his divorce to Gisele Bundchen. Therefore, many people thought he will retire to save his marriage.

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Sunil Joseph

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