Tom Brady is arguably one of the greatest football players in the history of the sport. However, he recently apologized after comparing the NFL season with military deployment, acknowledging that it was all “poor choice of words”.

According to TMZ, at the start of his Buccaneers press conference, Brady reportedly interrupted a reporter to apologize. He said that he wanted to express his apologies to everyone who “may have taken it in a certain way.”

Brady first made the war-related comments when discussing the difficulties he’s faced attempting to balance work and pleasure in the middle of a season with Kevin Durant on Monday’s “Let’s Go!” podcast.

“I almost look at like a football season like you’re going away on deployment for the military. And it’s like, ‘Man, here I go again.'”

The comments drew criticism quickly, with many people labeling them as tone-deaf on social media. Army veteran Brad Thomas, who fought in Black Hawk Down, even attacked the quarterback on his Instagram page. “Hey @tombrady – this statement is naive and offensive on many levels,” he wrote. “You play a game, for entertainment, and seem to have lost your perspective.”

Brady looked dejected as he issued his apology on Thursday, showing that he felt bad about everything. “I have a tremendous amount of gratitude for everyone who served,” he said. “And, in the end, we play a game, and the military is defending our country. It’s two different things and I shouldn’t have made the comparison.” Stay tuned to Thirsty for the latest updates.

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