50 Cent remains one of the most influential rappers in the history of the hip-hop world. The legendary rapper is currently trying to squash some unsubstantiated rumors surrounding him. 50 Cent made headlines nearly a month ago when he spoke out against South Florida-based plastic surgeon Angela Kogan. The Florida doctor has now demanded that 50 Cent’s penis enhancement lawsuit be thrown out of court.

According to the “I Get Money” artist, Kogan implied that 50 Cent went to her Perfection Plastic Surgery and MedSpa to get a penile enhancement procedure. The TV producer sued Kogan, alleging that he took a picture with her while thinking she was a fan of his work. He claimed she then used the photo to advertise her own company while presumably hinting that Fif had undergone unusual treatment.

The image of the pair in question was shot in February 2020, according to court filings. The father of two reportedly found it “disturbing” that Kogan had spoken to The Shade Room about procedures for male sexual enhancement in August, at which point the plastic surgeon shared her photo with Curtis Jackson to the publication. Initially, the plastic surgeon is said to have only used the image to advertise her clinics.

The company owner filed a request for the case to be dismissed with the United States District Court in the Southern District of Florida after learning about 50 Cent’s lawsuit. According to AllHipHop, Kogan’s lawyers added a detailed statement about the drama.


It is clear from the Photo itself that the taking thereof was not a random happenstance or unsolicited occasion. The content of the Photo shows [50 Cent] in [Kogan’s’] office, next to [Kogan] in her role as a businesswoman/aesthetician (i.e. in professional attire).

Thus, it is disingenuous.. to claim or allege that [50 Cent] – who wishes for the Court to believe randomly stumbled into a medspa without purpose or specific intent – agreed to take the Photo under the ‘sole impression that [Kogan] was a fan seeking the photograph for her private and personal enjoyment.’

The Photo is not representative of [50 Cent] running into a random fan in the middle of the street; rather, it specifically highlights [50 Cent] in a specific situation, for a specific purpose, in exchange of a specific transaction.

Kogan never “implied that Plaintiff obtained plastic surgery services or penile enlargement surgery,” according to her attorneys. This is a developing story, so stay tuned to Thirsty for the latest updates. Check out the pictures and posts below.

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