Cardi B is one of the hottest figures in the music industry. She never shies away from showing herself off and often bares it all while posing. Cardi B still seems to be in a party mood a few days after her star-studded birthday party.

The Grammy-winning rapper recently posted a series of images and videos on her Instagram page while imitating Marilyn Monroe. She was wearing a black and silver corset and a matching feathered headpiece. With the exception of its red color, her beautiful carnival-inspired attire was similar to the one she wore to her birthday party.

The first three images in the article reveal the jewel-encrusted bodysuit and all of its elaborate decorations and motifs. The provocative dress, which was decorated with sparkling diamonds, highlighted her long legs and big assets. She would also pair her sheer black gloves that reached the middle of her biceps with her red birthday attire, matching heels, a sensual garter, a lavish necklace, and matching earrings.

I wanna be loved by you 🖤

In reference to one of the songs Monroe performed in arguably her most well-known movie, Some Like It Hot, she wrote the caption. Cardi would close her eyes and make a sexy touch near her forehead for the first picture, a full-body shot. Two additional images focused on her outfit more closely in order to further show off the wonderful designs. Check out the post below.

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