Rapper PnB Rock tragically passed away recently, as a result of a shooting that took place in Los Angeles. Following the shooting, a lot of people had blamed the rapper’s girlfriend for his death.

It had been reported at the time that the rapper’s girlfriend had posted a photo of them on Instagram, which showed them dining at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, was tagged with the location.

Many assumed that PnB Rock’s shooter had used the Instagram post to figure out his location. However, newly surfaced information reveals that the shooter and his father were waiting in the restaurant’s parking lot even before the Instagram post had been made.

At the time when everyone was blaming the rapper’s girlfriend, Cardi B had come to her defense. Now, with the new information revealed, Cardi B has come out in support of the young woman again, stating that everyone who blamed her, owes her an apology.


Told y’all……Yall must not know how the hood moves …. Y’all owe that girl a apology for the s**t y’all put her through knowing that she saw her baby dad die in her face….Social media investigators YALL SUCK!!!!

This message was shared by Cardi B on Twitter, in response to another tweet, that mentioned the new information about the shooting. Check out the tweets below.

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