Kanye West has a reputation for saying controversial things. Even though his tendency has frequently worked against him, he never thinks twice before saying such things.

On Monday, Bethenny Frankel, a former cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City, joined the chorus of celebrities who have been denouncing Kanye “Ye” West for his anti-Semitic tweet about “doing death con 3 on Jewish people” The 51-year-old Skinnygirl CEO had just watched Jamie Lee Curtis, whose grandparents were Jewish, crying about the ‘abhorrent’ 45-year-old rapper-designer while appearing on TODAY.

Bethenny, who boasts 6.4 million social media followers, said via her Instastory, “We empower these people. We and the media empower these people and then we wonder why they have so much power,” She added, “We make them billionaires. We buy the products. We feed the beast. We can’t feed the beast and then wonder why the beast is taking over.”

Bethenny Frankel continued to make her, very valid and blunt, point by explaining how such people come into power. It seems that she realizes exactly how this world she lives in works, and she’s not afraid to say the quiet part out loud.

That’s what happens. That’s how people come into power. That’s how the wrong people get into politics. We feed the beast. It’s up to us. We always are looking at the other person. [gasps] I can’t believe they said that. Why did they say that? Oh my god because we made them powerful. We wouldn’t even hear what they say if we didn’t make them so powerful.

We’re talking about a symptom, like, there’s a tweet that goes out. That’s a symptom. That’s something we’re experiencing that gives us discomfort that we don’t like and people like Jamie Lee Curtis and Hoda Kotb want to talk about, which is great. But we’re not talking about the original cause of the problem. That’s the thing. We’re talking about the ache and the pain. We’re not talking about what causes the ache and the pain – why we’re in this position

Ye echoed Nick Cannon’s debacle from the previous year when he claimed in his insulting post, which Twitter later removed, that black people cannot be anti-Semites “since black people are actually Jews as well.” Additionally, when a Twitter user accused Frankel of being the Kardashians’ “biggest fan” she flatly denied it and said she wants “new role models.”

“I want a world where children don’t see this phony, filtered, attention grabbing, lying culture celebrated.”

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to taking fire from Frankel for her ‘impractical and costly’ cosmetics, ‘Curated bogus lottery swindle,’ apparent Photoshopping, extravagant foreign vacations, and even for siding with Ray J in the sex tape controversy. You can check out Frankel’s latest posts below. Stay tuned to Thirsty for further updates.

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