Antonio Brown’s name continues to make headlines. He recently garnered attention after a feud with his record label, Secure The Bag Entertainment, over a $500K lawsuit aimed at him and his criticism of Tom Brady’s ongoing divorce from Gisele Bündchen. Chelsie Kyriss, the mother of his children, is now exposing the 34-year-old.

Chelsie exposed him by making a post about him. “Y’all think having a man with money is everything, I’d rather have a man with morals and boundaries,” she wrote on social media earlier this week. “A man I can trust in my face and behind my back. A man that’s not gonna embarrass me, a man that’s ain’t gone play bout me OR with me… A man that respects, but also values me,” she continued in her post.

The comment was made in reaction to a screenshot Antonio shared of Kyriss’ text messages from 2016, which appeared to be with another man. The NFL athlete shared it on his Snapchat account.

Baby mama never been sh*t, just cause [you] f*ck the b*ch don’t mean [you] f*cking with me. She mugshark ugly n*ggas.

When she reposted those defamatory comments on her story, the mother of five wrote, “This man will be anything for views! This text was from 2016, I have no idea who this man was, hence why the conversation ended after a pic was sent, but he won’t show that part.” “Let’s talk about your character or actions tho,” she went on, continuing to clap back at her baby daddy. “There’s much more but I won’t even go there.”

For 11 years I have sat here and said nothing, allowing him to assassinate my character, I allowed him to portray me however he’s wanted to, but today I’m over it.

The following slide in Kyriss’ account revealed a broken window in their family home.

Outrageous, at 34 and still acting like this. And all you can do is write a false narrative about me and bring up texts from 2016 because you have nothing else. I have been nothing but patient with you, no matter how it made me look.

In yet another damning post, the 33-year-old shared screenshots of one of her children’s text messages with their father. “Mom look pretty,” the younger Brown wrote to Antonio. “Your mom a sl*t living off me,” he wrote back. “That b*tch surviving, Ima [make] it so uncomfortable for that b*tch, she gone run away [with you].” Kyriss also shared her thoughts on this upload.

11 years, been nothing but loyal to you and if the world only knew the half of what you put the kids and I through, all for nothing, they would be sick. Then to go write my kid’s phone multiple text messages about something you completely made up is crazy.

Let’s see how Antonio handles these accusations. If any of these are true, he should accept them and work to correct them. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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