Antonio Brown is the subject of numerous lawsuits. The sports star turned rapper appears to be deeply involved in accusations one after the other continuously. Now it seems a new page has opened in the case; Recently, Antonio Brown has now accused of using Lil Wayne’s name in an attempt to defraud a $500K promoter.

This is the case with 34-year-old rapper Antonio Brown, who has recently been the target of several lawsuits and unfavorable allegations, the most recent of which accuses the former athlete-turned-rapper of, among other things, trying to defraud a music promoter out of a half-million dollars.

According to the New York Post, AB was accused of breach of contract and slander over an “exclusive artist agreement” that was signed in July with a Tampa-based business named Secure the Bag (STB) Entertainment. The lawsuit was filed against him this past Wednesday in Sarasota County Circuit Court.

Owner Ryan Kane claimed in the document that Brown tried to defraud his business of $178K by submitting “fraudulent” receipts with the intention of receiving reimbursement and “making a series of lewd, racist, sexist, and threatening remarks towards STB execs and others.”

“Now I know how the Raiders felt when they paid him [at least $1 million], and he never played a single game for them. I gave him … a huge advance and an opportunity to make money legitimately, and all he did was walk off the field.”

The founder of STB claimed that he hired Brown and offered him a $150K advance after beginning his business in early 2022 and developing a brief friendship with him. The two were excited to collaborate on a “Cracked” music video with Lil Wayne at the time, but their friendship finally ended before the project was completed.

Kane alleged that AB requested $250K in cash from him in order to pay Wayne, who allegedly wanted the money from the Miami native directly. Even though the STB leader was “threatened” that “the check better be good,” his intuition prevented him from writing the check, and he told Brown he was stopping payment.

Ryan was directly informed by representatives for the creator of Young Money that Brown wasn’t required to go through him first and that the “Phone Home” hitmaker only anticipated receiving $150K. According to court documents, STB thinks Brown tried to scam them out of the final $100,000 so he could keep it for himself.

The lawsuit listed $87K for a five-hour Los Angeles studio rental as well as $8,500 for entourage members to fly with Brown on a private plane. The father of five immediately took to social media to make “defamatory statements about STB writing bad cheques and not paying their bills” after the business refused to pay.

While others claimed that the 34-year-“career old’s is flowering,” Kane claimed that he believes it to be dead. He further added that “I own the rights to all his music. He can’t release any music for the rest of his life unless I approve it.”

The ongoing fictitious Richard Mille suit brought by Ryan Kane against Antonio Brown appears to be generating a lot of debate. What do you think of the court trial? Let us know in the comments. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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