Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s relationship has experienced many ups and downs, yet they have persisted in their connection. This time, they garnered media attention not for a fight-related incident but rather for a collective appearance. Now Chrisean Rock and Blueface will appear in a new reality series “Crazy In Love.”

One of the most well-known reality television platforms is Zeus Networks. The black-owned business, which was established in 2018, regularly attracts thousands of viewers. Their top productions include the drama, love, or competition-themed Baddies, Joseline’s Cabaret, The Conversation, and Bad Boys. They currently have a brand-new show available that is expected to draw in thousands of viewers.

By this point, everyone is familiar with Chrisean Rock and Blueface, an infamous pair. Now that the two have made their fair share of news recently, everything makes sense. The couple has experienced more than the usual couple, including being arrested, fighting in public, and accusing one another of infidelity.

The two are now the subject of their own reality television program as if their toxic relationship wasn’t already well publicized on social media. Zeus Networks unveiled a video for their next series on October 9.

The program’s name is “Crazy In Love.” The preview of the clip displayed multiple interactions between the two. After kissing and Chrisean sucking Blue’s toes, Blue began to argue with Chrisean’s family members as his fiancée sobbed over the occurrence. Both sides encouraged people to watch by posting the trailer on social media.

Their comment sections, however, don’t agree. One person wrote, “all that drama that been happening was def for publicity.” While another added, “This is sick… they getting a whole show to showcase to young girls that being toxic is love and it should be accepted…great.”

The Couple will now appear in the show together. Let’s see where they can take up the series. What do you think about the couple’s appearance? Let us know in the comments. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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