Tupac Shakur shaped the music industry as we know it today. He is widely considered one of the most influential rappers of all time. His music was at the vanguard of a movement that preceded his untimely death and left a legacy on the world of hip-hop. In strange news, a man claiming to be Tupac’s reincarnated has stepped forward demanding access to the late rapper’s fortune.

AllHipHop reports, Tarnell Leon Jones, a prisoner, filed a lawsuit to assume Tupac’s identity. Jones claimed to be the dead rapper’s resurrection. Although he did admit he didn’t resemble Pac and could not remember the rapper’s social security number.

The incarcerated man only revealed publicly known information, such as Tupac’s birthday and the date of the infamous shooting at New York’s Quad, which many believe sparked hip-“East hop’s Coast/West Coast” war. He claimed that if he were to be subjected to some elaborate medical tests, the world would discover that he has two blood types – and possibly two hearts. The judge stated that the inmate demanded everything “Mr. Shakur would be entitled if he were alive today.”

He further demands that the Court restore his birth certificate, Social Security number, all other forms of identification, and ‘my life’ more generally. Plaintiff also wants other financial assets to which Mr. Shakur would be entitled if he were alive today: his songs, music studios, cars, trucks, and houses.


The case was dismissed by a judge who ruled it was senseless. The judge also noted, Jones is a “prolific litigator,” who has had at least two other cases dismissed for being foolish. However, this time the inmate can’t refile because the claims were dismissed with prejudice.

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