2Pac’s influence on Hip-Hop and music, in general, can’t be denied in any circumstances. One of the pioneers of rap music, he was considered to be an outstanding artist, met with an early demise. This time a reward to find his killer has been issued on the eve of his birthday.

The Action Junkeez Podcast and the Problem Solver Show have joined forces for the benefit of the cause. They’ve made a $100,000 reward offer to the individual who can solve the case, find the killer, and get them all sentenced to prison. The Las Vegas-based podcasters’ incentive offer came as Tuesday marked the 26th anniversary of 2Pac’s passing on September 13th.

The Problem Solver Show can be reached at 702-999-1111 if you have any information about ‘Pac’s passing. Calling 1-833-TIPSCASH will connect you to a different hotline for those who want to remain anonymous. A few revelations were also made during the course of the year regarding his mysterious shooting, reported HiphopDX.

In an interview with Bomb1st in April, Reggie Wright Jr., the former director of security for Death Row Records, said that there had been an “uptick” in police activity in connection with 2Pac’s passing. Even more outrageous was his allegation that Southside Compton Crip Keefe D would soon face criminal charges. Subsequently, Keefe D had admitted to being an accomplice in the car used in the drive-by killing of the rapper.

Shakur’s early demise led to a chain of events going down in the Hip-Hop community that included cold-blooded acts of revenge. Orlando Anderson, Reggie’s nephew, has long been suspected of being the trigger man in 2Pac’s murder and is said to have fired the deadly shots. Less than two years had passed since the Death Row legend’s passing in May 1998 when Anderson was slain.

It has been decades since the passing away of Pac. His murder has always been shrouded in mystery and has had a number of variables associated with him. This huge cash reward might be the one leading to some earth-shattering revelations.

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