Ed Sheeran shocked fans in his hometown of Ipswich by performing a free impromptu gig. The 31-year-old singer took to the steps of the town hall after purchasing a guitar from a local shop.

Fans of the global star looked on in joy as Ed Sheeran performed his debut album track “The A-Team.” This was a real treat for those local fans, some of whom might remember Sheeran from years ago.

According to Ipswich Star, Ed Sheeran performed the gig with a guitar he had purchased from a local shop before gifting that guitar to a 10-year-old aspiring musician.

“I’ve played so many shows here and have such love for this place. I’m so happy to be back here,” he told the large crowd that gathered to watch him play.

This impromptu gig wasn’t the first time that Ed Sheeran has given his fans a surprise performance. Just last month, he surprised clubbers in Ibiza with a surprise performance.

Ed Sheeran usually plays much larger venues nowadays, and his contact list is full of A-List names. Still, it’s great to see that he will always remember where home really is.

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Sunil Joseph

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