Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd were co-stars in the wildly popular movie franchise “Back to the Future.” This past Saturday at New York Comic, the two former co-stars reunited after several years during a ‘Back to the Future’ panel.

As reported by TMZ, when the two former co-stars met, they greeted each other with a big hug, which received a huge round of applause from the crowd. This was an amazing reunion for two Hollywood icons.

After the warm moment, the two actors sat down and discussed old stories about the Back to the Future trilogy. Michae J. Fox had this to say at one point.

“You guys have given me my whole life. The best thing that happened in my life was this thing. Parkinson’s is a gift. I’ve said to people it’s a gift, and they say, ‘You’re nuts.’ I say, ‘Yeah, but it’s the gift that keeps on taking.’ But it’s a gift and I wouldn’t change it for anything … It’s not about what I have, it’s about what I’ve been given.”

There is also a Back to The Future musical that’s coming to Broadway next year that has fans excited. Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd spoke very highly of the Back to the Future musical that is currently playing on London’s West End and will soon make its way to Broadway.

While Lloyd has continued to act in recent years, Fox in his 2020 memoir, No Time Like the Future, mentioned that he retired from acting due to progression of his Parkinson’s disease. You may check out this clip from Back to the Future below, because it’s one of the greatest movies of all time.

Are you excited about the Back to the Future musical? Sound off in the comments section.

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