Halloween is around the corner, and many are getting ready to show off their spooky side. However, the internet is already going crazy over the “Stranger Things”-themed Halloween display. For one neighbor, it is also drawing too much attention. The neighbor managed to shut it all down, but now the homeowners are retaliating by turning it back on.

Aubrey Appel told TMZ that she and her husband, Dave, turned the lights off on their display on Sunday. After a neighbor called the cops, they also removed the levitating Max figure. However, no official complaint was filed.

For those who are unaware, Max Mayfield from the Netflix series appears to be floating in midair during the bizarre display in Plainfield, Illinois. It’s a reference to the show’s most recent season. During the Halloween season, their setup has gone viral. However, it appears to have gone too viral for some.

Aubrey stated that the concerned neighbor called cops when someone pulled into their driveway and walked on their lawn to check the Appels’ home. Aubrey and Dave told the outlet that they consulted with all of their neighbors before putting the ‘Stranger Things’ tribute and received majority consent. They planned to take everything down this week in response to one neighbor’s complaint.

However, they changed their minds due to the incredible amount of support they were receiving. Dave spoke with City Manager James Capparelli on Wednesday and was told they were doing nothing wrong and that their favorite haunt was being supported. They’ll only be in full operation on weekend nights.  

People can still gaze at it during the day if they want to. The lights, however, will be turned off. Max will be “levitatating” as long as the winds are less than 10 miles per hour; otherwise, she will be at her stepbrother Billy’s gravesite.

So ‘Stranger’ fans can go running up that hill to check it out once more. They only need to stay off the lawns of their neighbors. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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Shivangini Rawat

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