Stranger Things is one of the most popular shows on Netflix. As the show continues to keep the fans reeled in with its supernatural storyline, it has garnered a massive following. However, with a massive following comes massive scrutiny on the show.

Fans of the Netflix series have noticed that the second episode from the first season of the show has a missing scene. The episode in question is “The Weirdo on Maple Street.” The Duffer Brothers have revealed that they went back to re-edit certain episodes to maintain continuity, this instance doesn’t exactly fit that criterion.

The episode originally featured Jonathan Byers spying on his classmates while hiding in the wooded region. His classmates were enjoying a late-night get-together event, and Byers was sneaking pictures of them.

Byers did something creepy in the original cut. Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington make their way inside the house for intimacy’s sake later on in the scene. Byers shows hesitation before photographing Nancy getting undressed in the original cut.

The edited episode shows that Byers moves on to Barb Holland to photograph her instead. A lot of fans claim that the editing has been done. They theorize that showing Byers to be less creepy gets fans to sympathize with him, given that Nancy and Jonathan do get a romantic angle later on.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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