Vince McMahon is widely recognized as the most influential person in professional wrestling history. He is also well-known for having a significant influence on television and American culture. That being said, he made some notable comparisons during his career.

Former WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon‘s move two decades ago to assemble a creative team of writers to help construct and script promos and segments has long been a source of contention among fans and wrestlers, with some in favor of scripts and others against. Former WWE creative writer Brian Gewirtz recalled McMahon’s comparison of WWE to “Saturday Night Live.”

“Vince, I know, took a stance at a certain point where it’s like, ‘Well this is an entertainment show on television,'” Gewirtz said on “Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw.”

We’ve got to compare it to ‘Saturday Night Live,’ which is almost, almost, you know, at least in the ballpark of the same comp, as far as a long-running institution of a show that has a revolving cast and a revolving set of writers, and has the stars and the up-and-coming people.


“SNL” has been on the air since 1975, though not always live or weekly, as WWE’s “Monday Night Raw” has long been described as the “longest-running weekly episodic television show in history.” Hulk Hogan, The Rock (five times), and John Cena are the three WWE Superstars who have hosted “SNL.”

The Rock, who has become one of the world’s most famous actors, most recently hosted “SNL” in 2017. Let’s wait and see whether we get to see it in the future. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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Shivangini Rawat

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