Adam Levine has become one of the most trending topics in the industry because of his deeds. Adam was a hot topic due to the allegations he was dealing with. Again, he gained notoriety as a result of a text; Adam Levine & Armie Hammer’s viral weird DM’s made fun of In “SNL”.

On Saturday Night Live’s season premiere, Adam Levine’s “bad” Instagram DMs to OnlyFans model Sumner Stroh took center stage. The funny “Say Something Normal” game show comedy, which was directed by none other than the episode’s host Miles Teller, starred Mikey Day as the Maroon 5 vocalist.

In the sketch, Bowen Yang played himself, and Kenan Thompson portrayed a professor who was also put to the test. James Austin Johnson also played fellow poor texter, Armie Hammer. Adam played by Mikey appeared to be completely conscious of his actions as he pointed his finger at the camera and said, “I was bad.”

Subsequently, Miles introduced James’ Armie and his “involuntary career change”. But James’ Armie appeared to be prepared for his return to Hollywood. He asked the crowd, “Can I get a big ‘welcome back to Hollywood’ round of applause?” Before making the first ask of the night, Miles promptly cut him off by saying, “no you may not.”


“Okay, Adam — how are you going to respond to this woman’s DM? ‘Hey Adam! Huge fan. Love your music!’ Mmm okay. Tough call. Can I see her most liked vacation photo? Seems like that couldn’t possibly help but sure. Gotta say, don’t love that hand motion.”

“Okay. Okay. I have my answer. Gonna kick things off with a, ‘Hooly Moly’ but I got three more though! ‘Hooooolly moooly’, ‘Holy Crap’ ‘Your body is making my penis smile’,” he added as a buzzer went off. “You almost had it there Adam.”

“Armie Hammer — it’s your turn to respond. Your message is, ‘Hey Armie, hope you’ree doing okay’. Look, I know there’s been a lot of talk on me in the press but I’ve done a lot of work on myself and I’ve changed. I want to break open your bones and suck out the marrow.”

Miles showed the direct message on the big screen while he talked. What do you think about Adam’s weird message, which has gone viral? Let us know in the comments. Stay tuned to Thirsty for further updates.

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