Gisele Bündchen made headlines when the news broke that she and her husband Tom Brady are pulling the plug on their relationship. It comes as a surprise for the fans of the couple.

According to Page Six, The former Victoria’s Secret Angel and The Quarterback have not been able to hold their relationship together. The two were trying everything to make it work, but now the effort seems missing.

The two stayed in different homes while in Miami. There was no update on where Tom Brady stayed, but it’s clear and confirmed that he wasn’t with Gisele as Hurricane Ian came about.

The hurricane involving their lives is bigger than the hurricane outside as the parents of Vivian, 9. Jack, 15, and Benjamin, 12 are unable to clear the air between themselves.


While it does impact their life, it does impact the kid’s life too. The kids are the foundation and if they experience something adverse then their entire life goes away in vain.

What do you think of Gisele and Tom’s broken relationship? Sound off in the comments.

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Amit Shukla

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