Rock climbing is a risky sport and only thrill-seekers can be a part of this sport. The daredevil sport requires your heart, body and mind to be calm and collected during the climbing.

Gavin Escobar was only 31-years-old. He was a former Cowboys Tight End, and he tragically died on Wednesday in a fatal accident. He was with his friend Chelsea Walsh, who is 33, and both of them were pronounced dead.

The Daily Mail reports that according to witnesses, the fall happened at 12:20 pm, and upon calling 911 the firefighters reached by 1:20 pm. The firefighters tried their best to reach the location, but found them dead.

The Cowboys tweeted a picture of Escobar and a caption about the 31-year tight end of the division. The tweet received a tremendous response as people were remembering his work.


In memory of Dallas Cowboys Tight End Gavin Escobar, 1991-2022.

Forever in our hearts. (blue heart sign)

The Long Beach Fire department also remembered the braveheart and posted their tribute to one of their servicemen. The tribute received tremendous response from people who poured their heart out.

It is with deep sadness that we announce the off-duty death of Long Beach Firefighter Gavin Escobar. Hired on February 5, 2022, Firefighter Escobar was assigned to Fire Station 3 on B-shift.

Firefighter Escobar leaves behind his wife and two young children. Thirsty for News sends out its condolences to the family and wishes them the strength to get through the tough times.

Amit Shukla

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