Hurricane Ian made landfall yesterday as a Category 4 storm causing massive destruction. It is already shaping up to be the largest natural disaster in Florida’s history. In the wake of the catastrophe, Tampa Bay Buccaneers are doing their best to help victims recover.

Buccaneers owners, the Glazer family announced on Thursday it would be donating $1 million to help in disaster relief efforts following the storm. They stated the donation will be distributed among the organizations in the areas suffered the most.

The destruction suffered in Southwest Florida and the damage inflicted throughout our state will be felt for some time. It will take entire communities resiliently working together for an extended period and our family is committed to aiding in the recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with the countless people affected, the heroic first responders and all of those helping to keep others safe.

Tom Brady announced on Twitter that he is also pitching in his part for the Florida Disaster Fund. The seven-time Super Bowl winner evacuated his family ahead of the storm. He hopes that his fellow NFL players will come to aid the victims.


Happy were able to head home for Sunday night, but so many people in Florida won’t be able to do the same. I’ll be making a donation to the Florida Disaster Fund to get things started, and I’m hoping the rest of the NFL family in our state will follow suit

Ian was reduced to a tropical depression Thursday morning, but is expected to regain hurricane intensity before making landfall in South Carolina on Friday. Our thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by Hurricane Ian. Thirsty will monitor the storm.

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