Chris Brown is well aware of the lengths his fans will go to get his attention. Over the years he has amassed millions of followers and he often finds himself shocked by some of them. He recently revealed bizarre details about a fan who got too close to him.

Brown took to his Instagram Story, to reveal his experience with this fan. He shared a photo of a Chevrolet pick-up truck parked on top of a Tesla. The R&B singer divulged into context about what happened, labeling the fan as a ‘Stalker.’

Bruh [eyeballs emoji] wtf?! I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS PEOPLE ARE REALLY FRIED!!! Another stalker … this time these folks done ran into somebody’s sh*t. Sh*t look like the hulk just placed this Truck on top this Tesla.

These ain’t my cars in that picture… this crazy person ran into the truck! I know the owner had to come outside the next morning like 😳🤬wtf

Brown did not offer context on how he came across the scene or how long this fan has been following him. The singer was really puzzled by the incident. The situation appeared to have taken him by surprise.

Chris Brown is one of the leading artists in R&B. He has been relevant for almost two decades and continues to deliver music to his millions of fans. Artists like him often attract similar situations. Check out his Instagram posts below.

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