Shakira and Gerard Piqué were a couple, but things have changed over the years and the two are now away from each other. The two were recently spotted during an event, but they were far from together.

It wasn’t Shakira’s musical or Piqué’s special, but it was their son Milan’s Baseball game in Barcelona. Gerard had his mother, while Shakira had her friends and mother to cheer the grandson.

According to TMZ, The two were sitting far apart and didn’t take the time to look at each other. It was during the entire game that they ignored or rather didn’t look at each other in any way, shape or form.

Their 9-year-old son mended fences for them when he was saying goodbyes. It was the only time the former couple came close, or else they practiced social distancing.


Shakira spent some time in the dugout too. The experience to separate is tough, but coming together for the greater good of their kids should be a better idea. It is only when the two parties agree.

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Amit Shukla

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