Nick Cannon is undoubtedly gifted, and it’s simple to see why. He is a famous comedian, a rapper, and the father of multiple kids from different women. And now he is once again popular on Twitter after one of the mothers of one of his several children, Bre Tiesi, said she couldn’t pay a night nurse.

On September 19th, Tiesi posted a video message on Instagram in which she admitted that her two-month-old kid had been “screaming his little head off” and that she hadn’t slept “in like three days.” A fan immediately advised that she hire a night nurse to help her. The fan then answered, “Tell Nick!!,” when Tiesi asked if they would like to pay for it.

“I don’t need your unsolicited advice, thanks. U have some f*cking nerve.”

Tiesi then posted a warning on her Instagram Stories to anyone who offered advice on her and her family.  “KEEP MY PARENTING, MY KID AND MY BABY DADDY’S NAME OUT UR MOUTH,” she began.

“Nick is NOT my sugar daddy. Nick is MY F*CKIN CHILDS FATHER THAT IS ALL. Watch your f*ckin mouth when you speak on mine!”

It didn’t take much for Twitter to start exploding with memes, jokes, and even more unsolicited advice for the new mother. As many people have mentioned, Nick Cannon has fathered 10 children overall, including four in one year.

Bre Tiesi eventually responded to the discussions on one of her Instagram Stories, clarifying in a long post that her views had been misinterpreted. Instead, she said she was just having a difficult parenting moment.

“LOL here we go again no one was venting, I took nothing ‘left,’” she wrote on Sunday (September 25). “I was talking about how I haven’t slept bc baby is teething early and that a family member came to visit and spilled my milk all over the couch put my ember cup in the microwave which is electronic and that it was only 9am.

To then have someone say nick should pay for a night nurse … not sure how ANYTHING I was saying had to do with needing a night nurse of Nick at all.

All I was sharing was a hard moment as a mom being honest where after not sleeping and working it was just one more thing after the other. NOONE was talking about Nick this person decided to bring him up. She took it there just like everyone else does I hear it alllll day.. and all the thousands of other nasty comments and im f*ckin over itttttt.”

Nick Cannon welcomed his ninth child, Onyx Ice Cole Cannon, earlier this month and announced the news of his arrival on his Instagram. Stay tuned to Thirsty for the latest updates.

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