An ugly feud between Cardi B and Akbar V has erupted in the last few hours. Now Offset has been included in the altercation, and he isn’t having any of it.

Following a series of subliminal comments, Cardi B and rapper Akbar V began firing shots on Twitter. On Twitter, rumors started to spread that Cardi and Glorilla’s remix of “Tomorrow 2” had received enormous popularity. Akbar, though, seemed to have his doubts about the track’s success.

“If @chartdata ain’t say it we ain’t believing the CAP”

Akbar is now claiming that Offset has called her his involvement in their ongoing feud. However, the former Migos man has debunked the notion by replying to the tweet she made. He gave her a stern reply and a warning to not mess with him in these matters.

“Police ass hoe I ain’t called you and If Any N**** played with me get blitzed ask around!!”

Akbar has fired her shots recalling the 4PF incident in her tweet to get to Offset. She has talked down on the rapper and asserted that he would “sh*t on yourself” if she mentions past allegations. Later, Akbar retweeted a fan who claimed Offset was lying, to which the rapper replied, “Now u lying set.”

“Offset calling talking bout u shouldn’t have put me in it ni**a ..all i got to do is make one call 3 letters #4pf u gonna sh*t on yourself like u did behind compound”

Regarding calling up 4PF, Akbar appears to be alluding to a 2020 brawl between Offset and Lil Baby’s 4PF crew. The Migos member was allegedly attacked in the claimed incident, stripped down to “everything but his boxers, and just left him there.” Aside from the aforementioned tweet, Offset hasn’t interacted with Akbar V on social any further.

Akbar has since pushed his buttons by repeatedly bringing up the alleged incident. It also appears Akbar V’s feud with Cardi shows no signs of slowing down either.

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