Cardi B has continued to dominate the music charts for the last few months, and she isn’t the one to let anyone off the hook easily. She recently took shots at a hater who doubted her bisexuality. This time, she found herself in the middle of beef with Atlanta rapper Akbar V. 

The feud began when the 33-year-old Atlanta rapper began sending out subliminal tweets late on Sunday, September 25th. Cardi B got wind of this, causing the tension between the two to boil and finally burst out of control.

Cardi B’s collaboration with GloRilla on “Tomorrow” has been doing some serious numbers. There is also a lot of gossip about the song’s success. However, Akbar V wasn’t having any of this and wrote a tweet calling the song’s number false.

If @chartdata ain’t say it we ain’t believing the CAP.

A few hours later, Cardi came with a response and the two got into an intense back & forth Twitter blowout. “Count all the times chart data posted [you],” the WAP rapper wrote. From the looks of things, it appears that Cardi somehow got hold of her target’s phone number. Akbar V wasn’t happy about this and let the public know.

Cardi replied by dropping a NSFW video of Akbar V servicing a man, while telling him to tell her that he loves her. He did not tell her that in the video. This sparked a plethora of memes from fans as the two continued their heated online beef.

Who gave this ho cardi b my number … gotta be one of y’all weird ass hoes ?

Cardi B also replied with, “I don’t really like the internet games …My dms is open and also the streets!” Obviously, she means business.

The drama didn’t end here, and it appears Cardi definitely wasn’t going to let this one slide easily. She continued her barrage of tweets. This eventually led to the two replying directly to each other, casting further shade on their parenting methods and scandalous pasts.

There is a lot to unpack in this drama. Cardi might have deleted that NSFW video, but you may check out all the tweets that remain below.

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