Khloé Kardashian was at Milan Fashion Week during the weekend. To most people’s surprise, she was spotted getting cozy with Michele Morrone. Now the Kardashian fans want them to date after posting such photos.

At Milan Fashion Week, Khloé Kardashian’s supporters are attempting to set her up with a romantic partner. Both of them were front row seats for Kim Kardashian’s “Ciao, Kim” fashion presentation with Dolce & Gabbana. The Italian star afterward posed for a backstage photo, which he posted on his Instagram Story.

Morrone could be seen putting his arm around Khloé’s waist in the photo. The “Kardashians” actress peered down at the ground through her black sunglasses. Although there is no proof of a love relationship between the two, this didn’t stop admirers from speculating that they would make a wonderful pairing.

Fans took to various social media apps to voice their various thoughts on the two celebs. “They look soo good together,” one TikTok user observed, with another adding, “HE WOULD TREAT HER SO WELL.” Another user wrote, “You don’t understand after i’ve seen that picture i NEED khloe kardashian and michele morrone together.”

The outing occurred after “The Kardashians” on Hulu’s Season 2 premiere. Khloé’s struggle to deal with the fallout from Thompson’s paternity allegation was the main focus of the episode. Following the episode, the reality star thanked her supporters on Twitter.

If Khloe and Michele happen to date in the future, that would make the fans happy. Reps for Khloé and Morrone did not immediately respond to these talks although we might be in for a surprise.

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