Raul Rosas Jr., who recently signed a contract with the UFC, is one of the toughest high school students around the globe. However, he is just 17 years old and he recently revealed that he’s so young that he needed his parents to sign his deal.

The UFC has made history by signing this individual. After Rosas Jr. defeated Mando Gutierrez, who is 25, earlier this week on the Contender Series, the teenager signed with the company and became its youngest fighter.

Just days after signing the contract, TMZ spoke with the newest and the youngest UFC fighter. And while we may all be amazed by how quickly he has risen to this position, he isn’t.

“No, not really [shocked] because I’ve been working my whole life for this moment. Right now, everything going into existence, but I’m grateful for this opportunity, but not impressed.”


Rosas Jr. competes in the bantamweight division and has a professional record of 6-0. But the interesting thing is that his parents had to sign his deal because he is still a minor.

“My parents got to sign too because I’m a minor. So parental guardians got to be on there, too.”

But remember that this kid can fight, and listening to Dana will show you how enthusiastic the UFC is about his coming. The 12th grader adds that many of his classmates are excited about the accomplishment. Stay tuned to Thirsty for more updates.

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